Multi Function Facial Machine Digital Facial Steamer


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Product Overview

Multi Function Facial Machine:D-9000A


Wide Angle-Facial Steamer - Promotes blood circulation and activates pores in the skin. This comes with an auto on/off feature if the water level goes below the security line. This helps protect the heating coil and glass jar. This unit also contains an ozone lamp that can kill bacilli bacteria.

High Frequency - Increases glandular activity and stimulates blood circulation.

Body & Facial Vacuum attachment's- Works to suction out deeply embedded dirt, grease and other impurities. The suction also provides for a deep penetrating facial massage and improves circulation by drawing blood to the surface of the skin.

Spray - Helps achieve thorough cleansing of the skin surface. Great for flushing out the pores after suction and extractions.

Galvanic - Uses ionized current to pick out dirt embedded pigment or traces of metal-ion from cosmetics. Also helps nourish and introduce medicine into the skin.

Massage Brushes - Includes 4 brushes A. Bigger wool brush for cheek, chin and forehead B. Smaller wool brush for eyelids, lips and nose. C. Sponge brush for sensitive skin. D. Plaster brush for dead surface or coarse skin.

Magnifying Lamp - Adjustable and magnifies 5x. 5 diopters.

Wood Lamp - To help analyze skin conditions. Substances on the skin’s surface become luminous when exposed to the deep UV rays of the wood lamp.

Ultrasonic - Product Penetration and Wrinkle Reduction Treatments:

Hot & Cold Hammer



Height to streamer: 61.5"

Height to device: 46"

Base: 17" x 14.5'

Streamer Arm: 25"

Jar Capacity: 49 oz (1.45 L)

Run Time: 30 mins

*NOTE: Do NOT put oil in steamer jar*

Lamp Dimensions:

Extension arm: 19: (total of both arms: 38")

Magnifying lamp outer: 9"

Magnifying lamp inner: 4.5"

- All dimensions listed are approximations. Some assembly is required.


Warranty Information

1 Year B&S warranty