Ultrasonic Unit with 3 Heads

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This is a very durable and popular Wrinkle Reducer machine. This unit must be used with a conductor. Do not use directly on dry skin. Use any gel like medium.


The ELTK-124 Facial and Body ultrasound system uses ultrasonic technology to penetrate deep within the skin. This system uses a intensity ranging from 1 to 3 Mhz , and can be applied for both facial and body treatments. This system can offer treatments in facial rejuvenation, body rejuvenation, cellulite treatment, fat reduction and post-surgical procedures. This is an excellent device to have in any medical or esthetic spa.


    Includes 3 Probes: Eyes, Face & Body

    Intensity of 1-3 MHz

    Digital Timer and Intensity settings

     1 Year Warranty

Heads: Cone shaped, Small and Large


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