Steamer & Mag Lamp Combo with Heavy Base D-1000bm


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Product Overview

Excellent Quality Facial Steamer with Heavy Weighted Base & Combo  Bracket for Magnifying Lamp.

One Stand to save space with heavy base so it wont tip over!

This basic facial steamer is excellent quality it is the steamer that other manufacturers have tried to copy.

(they may look the same but they are not the same quality)

 The lamp magnifies five times and will not harm the eyes.

It uses the basic concept that uses electric heat to boil water for producing steam. It then uses an ultraviolet lamp to decontaminate the steam.

Use distilled water and keep the water level high. This steamer has a low water shut off to avoid heating coil damage. The steamer will not go on without enough water in the jar!

We stock Replacement jars, they are listed on our Replacement parts category.



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