Professional Spa Facial Steamer

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MILO T-201
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Product Overview

The MILO T-201 Professional Spa Facial Steamer  is the best way to clean and refresh the skin while increasing circulation and melting away stress.


Steam is clean, safe and perfect for all skin types. The MILO T-201 Professional Spa Facial Steamer offers an easy way to open clogged pores, soften facial oils and relax the skin of the face. The steamer includes an ozone setting to sterilize the steam and a 30 minute timer with an automatic shut-off.


The MILO T-201 face steamer's adjustable arm makes it easy to position the steamer in just the right way to maximize comfort while the heat-protection cover ensures complete safety while the device is in use.


The MILO T-201 Facial Steamer is made in Taiwan and is Superior Quality.

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Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty