D-201 Deluxe Facial Steamer

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Product Overview


This facial steamer has an adjustable arm, 30 minute timer, automatic shut-off, ozone setting and large glass beaker.

The arm can move up and down and swivel side to side. Aroma Therapy Oil can be put on the cloth that is located on the steamer arm where the vapor comes out! Use distilled water.


*Versatile arms that allow for clockwise, counter clockwise & up and down movement.

*A built in timer (makes a ticking noise and bell rings when time is finished)

*Shuts Off automatically when water level is low

*Ozone Switch

*30 Day Warranty

Dimensions: Adjustable height: 36" to 41" / Base: 23" x 23"Steamer arm: 23" / Overall height: 54"

ships in a large box with insurance

If ordering from, or the order is to ship to areas outside the continental U.S., please call us at 732-786-1444 or send an email to info@a1afacial.com


Warranty Information

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