B&S Towel Warmer

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Product Overview

Holds 16-24 Towels

Professional Towel Warmer which warms towels at around 176 Fahrenheit and sterilizes them with UV for refreshing, hygienic wipe.

16L Capacity: for Placing CE Approved to Provide You with Safe and Reassuring Sterilization Thoroughly & Evenly Warms Both Traditional and Disposable Towels Built-in UV Sterilizer to Keep Towels Germ-free Micro Computer Control Temperature ( Average 176 Fahrenheit/80 Celsius ) Aluminum Inner Chamber for Better Heat Conduction Door

Opens from Across the Cabinet Durable Shelf to Easily & Orderly Store Towel

Removable Tray Underneath to Avoid Dripping.

Power: 200W Frequency: 60Hz Dimension:

 Exterior: 18" x 13 1/2" x 12" Interior: 13.6" x 9.85 x 5.3"